Vision, ethos and values

Our vision is to re-engage all children for their pathways to lifelong learning. We want all children and young people to feel safe and supported to achieve, Each of our learning communities share and celebrate common values of mutual care, equality, respect, rights and responsibilities to make sure that our school is free of fear, harassment and intimidation. We work hard to ensure our pupils feel safe.

Our vision is one of pupils who by the time they leave will be well informed, self -motivated and responsible citizens, ready for the next phase of their education.

Pupils will leave happy, with a sense of well- being and with positive memories of their experiences and achievements of their time at the Levett School.

They will be active learners who are able to tackle problems and deal with the everyday demands of literacy, numeracy and have a moral and spiritual awareness.

They will be confident and have increased positive attitudes that will prepare them for life.

We will provide a safe and structured learning environment in which children and young people will

  • Improve their educational achievement and outcomes
  • Improve their self understanding and self worth
  • Improve their behaviour

We will achieve this by

  • delivering well prepared lessons tailored to individual children’s learning needs
  • showing each individual they are cared for and understood
  • being consistent in our response to behaviours, encouraging good behaviour and ensuring there are consequences to unacceptable behaviour

We will judge our achievements in delivering our ambition by measuring

  • increase in academic performance and educational outcomes
  • reductions in unacceptable behaviour
  • successful supported returns to mainstream education

Our vision will be supported by our values.

We embrace the British Values of

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith

and we are committed to equality.

We will encourage

  • The expectation of respect
  • the understanding that with rights goes responsibility

The ethos of the school will be one in which

  • lessons will be professionally prepared and delivered with enthusiasm and imagination
  • behavioural expectations will be clearly set out, positive behaviour will be encouraged and rewarded and unacceptable behaviour will be challenged and have consequences.
  • Where pupils, staff and visitors feel safe
  • All members of the school community, pupils, staff and governors will be expected to show courtesy and respect and to model good behaviour
  • Decisions will be made on the basis of evidence


Our Vision & Values

Our ambition at the Levett School is to transform the lives of young people.

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