Termly Tea

Termly Tea provides the opportunity for parents/carers to meet with class teachers and other agencies involved at the end of each school term to:

  • Review current SEN Plan or working copy EHCP.

  • Create a new SEN Plan for the coming term or update working copy EHCP.

  • Update Pupil One Page Profile.


Termly Teas are a multi-purpose process as they:

  • They will facilitate increased home/school relationships

  • They will enable parents/carers more opportunities to get feedback

  • They will make us compliant with the SEND code of Practice.


“Where a pupil is receiving SEN support, schools should talk to parents regularly to set clear outcomes and review progress towards them, discuss the activities and support that will help achieve them, and identify the responsibilities of the parent, the pupil and the school. Schools should meet parents at least three times each year.”

SEND Code of Practice January 2015

The dates of the next Termly Tea will be displayed in the school calendar.


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A reminder to all parent/carers that summer half term is slowly approaching, therefore school will be closed to your child from Monday 31st May and reopen on Monday 7th June.

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As a school we want to make sure you are aware of this fantastic, locally sponsored, offer:

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