About Us and Our Vision

The Levett School is a safe and welcoming environment that offers places to pupils with a variety of needs.

Our aim is to provide a curriculum and provision that is nurturing, engaging and puts the needs of the child at the heart of the curriculum. Through a variety of approaches and a bespoke curriculum the school will then work with the young person and their family to provide an appropriate education package that meets the need of the child.

There are four Core values that are at the heart of the school;

  • 1. Determination
  • 2. Positivity
  • 3. Reflection
  • 4. Integrity

These core values are part of our school culture and are taught and reinforced through a programme of learning and our work with pupils alongside our therapeutic and academic curriculum. They are our school’s golden thread and we promote the values in every classroom with the aim to ‘light them up’. Each value represents a colour and when this value is demonstrated by a pupil they get to switch the light on and a celebration is acknowledged.

The aim is to work together as a class team to turn on a complete set of lights. These lights are reset at least twice a day, for morning and afternoon sessions and all pupils have the opportunity to work towards them. It’s a great visual to visitors and everyone in school, to be able to see the work pupils are doing to achieve the lights and a real conversation starter when you pop into class!

Our values link to our Class Chart reward system where positive behaviours are aligned to each value and pupils can strive to achieve positive points continuously throughout the day which is acknowledged in celebration assemblies each week and a half termly reward visit.

We will provide a safe and structured learning environment in which children and young people will:

  • Improve their educational achievement and outcomes
  • Improve their self understanding and self worth
  • Improve their behaviour

We will achieve this by:

  • delivering well prepared lessons tailored to individual children’s learning needs
  • showing each individual they are cared for and understood
  • being consistent in our response to behaviours, encouraging good behaviour and ensuring there are consequences to unacceptable behaviour

We will judge our achievements in delivering our ambition by measuring:

  • increase in academic performance and educational outcomes
  • reductions in unacceptable behaviour
  • successful supported returns to mainstream education

Our vision will be supported by

our values

We embrace the British Values of

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith and we are committed to equality

We will encourage

  • The expectation of respect
  • the understanding that with rights goes responsibility


Here you will find information on what your child is learning and their timetable.

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