Assessment and Progress

Rationale and Context

The Levett Schools aim is to approach assessment not as a process for the collection and collation of data, but as a tool for supporting the ambitions of our pupils and for driving them on to fulfil their goals and beyond.

For assessment to be truly effective this requires any dialogue, decision or data produced by the process to be consistent, accurate and rigorously scrutinised.


  • Teachers will plan learning that accurately reflects the personalised needs of each pupil; give each pupil the equal opportunity of their entitlement to the National Curriculum, developing their social, intellectual, moral, emotional, spiritual and physical skills by assessing their progress in these areas.
  • Use records to inform and enable successful reintegration of pupils into mainstream or alternative provision providers.
  • Learning objectives will be shared with pupils in every lesson.
  • Success criteria will be referred too in every lesson to help the teacher and pupil to make judgements about the quality of pupil learning.
  • Assessment for learning will have clear opportunities and be utilised in every lesson.
  • Pupils will play an active part in the formative assessment of their own learning by RAG rating their own learning objective to exit the lesson.
  • Pupils know how they are being assessed, in order to recognise the standards to aim for and to understand what they need to do next to improve.
  • All learning is marked in accordance with the live marking policy.
  • End of unit learning / assessments will be formally marked.
  • Formative assessment will take place on a half-termly basis.
  • Individual summative assessments are recorded on OTrack and/or KS3 grid tracker three times per academic year.
  • Summative data needs to be entered onto OTrack and KS3 grid tracker before the last week of half term by all teaching staff.

Flight Paths

Flight paths for core subjects are created so pupil progress journeys can be tracked and a 360 Flight Plan is created to establish an accurate pupil profile. These are used in pupil progress meetings and share with all relevant stakeholders.

Assessment Policy