Peggy The Support Dog

Peggy is a support dog who will be coming in to work with the pupils at both Lower and Upper sites from September 2023.

Ongoing research has found that support animals can have a positive impact on many areas of a pupils life such as -

  • Supports socio-emotional skills
  • Contributes to cognitive development which in turn improves reading skills, stimulates memory and problem solving skills along with enhancing executive functioning skills
  • The presence of a dog in a classroom can boost pupils positive mood due to the anti-stress effects on the body
  • Increases school attendance
  • Positive changes lead to better learning and enhanced motivation
  • Growth in confidence levels
  • Development of better and stronger relationships with teachers and peers due to the experience of trust and love with therapy dogs.
  • Reducing learner anxiety behaviors causes improvement in learning outcomes like improved reading and writing skills and levels

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